Non-religious meditation

Acem Meditation is a simple technique for relaxation, health and personal growth. Based on modern psychology and scientific research. List of upcoming beginners courses


Acem Meditation is easy to learn. Personal instruction and guidance ensure that you get a good start.

Nondirective meditation and the default mode network

It may seem like a paradox that closing your eyes and repeating a sound may help you to see yourself better. But that is what you do when you meditate. Read more on The Meditation Blog. 

Now open for registration: Weekend Retreat 2018

The weekend retreat 16-18 February 2018 is now open for registration. Welcome!

THE book on Acem Meditation

This is a very accessible guide to Acem Meditation. An easy to read account of the technique, results and the context of Acem Meditation. Read more HERE.  


People from all over the world, in all walks of life, are coping better with their lives through the simple method of Acem Meditation. What do they say?