On Acem Meditation

You don't try to relax. You just sit comfortably in a chair with eyes closed, practising a simple mental technique, allowing a deep relaxation to take hold of body and mind.

In Acem Meditation, you repeat a meditation sound mentally without effort, while thoughts and impressions are allowed to come and go freely. There is no attempt at emptying the mind.

Relaxation and personal growth

Relaxation comes naturally. Knots and ties unravel, stress and worries gradually give way to a calmer frame of mind. Afterwards you feel refreshed, energised and often more creative.

The free mental attitude activates our inner strength. In the long run, the inner freedom of Acem Meditation may initiate fascinating processes of self-understanding and personal growth. It's refreshing and creative and breaks mental barriers. The primary goal of Acem activities is not intellectual comprehension but rather the embodiment of an understanding reflected in the ways people relate and act in private and work-related life.

Daily time-out

Many meditate one half-hour every morning and evening, or once a day for 45 minutes. Others use the method when they feel the need. Ten minutes is better than nothing. It is best to meditate in a quiet and undisturbed room. Research indicates that the most pronounced health benefits come from relaxation techniques allowing spontaneous thoughts to pass freely.


The understanding and teaching of meditation is based on first-hand experience and in line with scientific research and psychological perspectives. The Acem method is not based on any particular belief system or ideology.

How to learn

To learn Acem Meditation, you must enrol in a beginner's course.

If you are already an adept practitioner of a type of meditation that uses a sound or a mantra, you will probably find the transition to Acem Meditation easy. Experienced meditators of all kinds who have turned to Acem Meditation have found that it enhances the long-term effects of meditating regularly.

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There is the mediation sound. Repeated in the mind,  easy and effortlessly. There are the the thoughts - impressions, images, body sensations, emotions, etc. They come and go, spontaneously.

No empyting of the mind. Nothing to observe. No app, or tape to listen to. Just repeat the sound. Let thoughts flow freely.  This will give relaxation, and work through mental and physical residues. 

Practiced sitting in a chair, sofa or in the bed, eyes closed.  A reset, a reload, and a development opportunity.

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Closeness to nature nurtures a certain simplicity and a practical approach to life. The vast whiteness stimulates contemplation and reflection. Acem Meditation was born and developed in this environment. It is a form of meditation that differs.

Simplicity.  Anyone can do it. You close your eyes and repeat a meditation sound.

Practicality.  Acem Meditation is taught to help the practitioner develop a habit and maintain it over years. 

Your own mind lab. It is  useful method of contemplation and reflection . 

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People who meditate often report they  sleep better. 

Acem Meditation works through  mental residues. Those nagging  that can keep a person awake becomes less persistent and  bothersome. 

Regular mediation over time may increase stress tolerance. So whatever caused insomnia will have less significance.

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